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forbidden fruit 

July 26, 2019

The main story I've been referencing lately, is the story of Adam and Eve; a story of temptation (I recommend anyone reading to do a google search and quickly read the story before continuing if you are unaware of the reference). Within the story, there was the "forbidden fruit" that, to me, has a double meaning within today's society. First, within the story, women can be your downfall if you choose the wrong one or overindulge with multiple partners. Second, I'm treating the forbidden fruit, the Apple, as if it's the iPhone or any other smartphone. Both of these can either aid you if you do it right or hinder you if you misuse them. 

Now let's talk about Women...I can admit, recently, I've come to a point in my life where I want to find "the one". I always proceed with caution when new women enter my life, and I try not to have the typical "flings" anymore because I'm 26 now, so I'm too old for that. I'm not perfect by any means though and I slip up.. but With that being said, when I draw/paint nude women, it's because ultimately, I want the woman I find to be 'naked', to let her guard down and let me in completely in an emotional aspect. In the Bible, the Adam and Eve were naked, so in a sense, I use nudity to show a man and woman baring their souls, not for the purpose of displaying sexuality. 

The second meaning, the apple. This is a bigggg issue I'm noticing within today's society. The way people seek gratification and get their dopamine fix from technology is scary to me. I'll keep this simple: Make use of the technology but don't let it use you. (I'll speak more on this in my next blog). 

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk


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July 11, 2019

I've decided to speak on the topic of religion because people have messaged me about my personal faith due to my work containing religious references. In fact, I'm not a religious person, but I grew up in the church, so I'm pretty well versed in certain stories of the Bible. Even though I don't consider myself to be a Christian, I try to find parallels with the stories, the imagery, and the messages of the Bible with events that go on in the world and in my personal life.

With that being said, I don't reference the Bible to be preachy or self-righteous. I do a lot of the same things everyone else does, and I have the same vices. I'm just a deep observer of the world and of myself, and I use what I know to get these ideas and stories out! 

P.S. New work and updated site coming soon!

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My hand broke

June 5, 2019

my hand hurt bro. shit hitting the stanky leg, SMH

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May 28, 2019

A lot has transpired during this journey of navigating the art world. Still trying to find my footing, but a lot of progress has been made; a lot of moments have been made. I can honestly admit that I'm pretty trash at capturing moments with my phone, so it may seem like I don't have a lot going on, but quite the contrary. I've been cooking up a lot of ideas with my creative team. Ideas that go beyond the pencil or brush. I'm not just a painter, artist, sketcher, illustrator, etc. I'm going to prove that I am more than that. I am a creative visionary/mastermind; I'm just humble and quiet about it because the arrogant and brash will be raised up quickly and brought down even quicker..

This story I've been creating will be called Moments in Time. It is a continuation of Everything Was Different. This world I've been creating is a product of the internet (and possibly an undiagnosed case of mild ADHD lol). More will be explained later. Stay tuned


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Mandela Effect

March, 19, 2019

"Maybe it's parallel universes or time travel, maybe it's just bad memory - either way, it's fascinating" 

-Christopher Hudspeth Buzzfeed on the Mandela Effect

Here we are again...

I have a lot on my mind. Almost a year removed from my first art show, Everything Was Different, and guess what? - Everything is even more different.. even more weird, even more perplexing, even more out of place. As an avid observer of the world, I notice patterns in the way things operate, and at the same time, I also notice glitches in the "simulation". 

First, for those who are unaware of the meaning, I wanna speak on the psychological phenomenon, coined by Fiona Broome in 2010, known as the Mandela Effect. The term stems from thousands of people having a collective false memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s (people even remember seeing news clips of his funeral). But in reality, or should I say, in this reality, he was actually released from prison in 1990 and died in 2013. Some, what I like to call, "abstract thinkers" speculate that these memories are caused by parallel universes spilling into our universe. Shit weird. 

Now that we got the origin story out of the way, let's talk about my view on this.

 My curiosity about how the world works, at a fundamental level, has been inside me for as long as I can remember. As a millennial, growing up in this new age of rapidly improving technology, coupled with the rise social media, and a seemingly infinite amount of data/information, it's easier than ever to skew facts and alter history. 

Just to show how spur of the moment this writing is, I'll use an example from today of how shit can get twisted, especially on social media, or what I like to call the "digital world". 

If you go to my Twitter @lavancelining, you'll see I saw a tweet with a headline Barnes & Noble to start selling alcohol in stores. I was lit. Thousands of people were lit. I even retweeted it and got excited about the prospect of me getting faded while reading a finance book or something. But that excitement was short-lived because I checked the date of the original tweet, and it was from 2016. Got my ass smh. So, currently, thousands of people are sitting at home waiting for Barnes and Noble to serve shots of Henny, but in reality, it was a failed experiment from 3 years ago. People could end up thinking, "I remember seeing a tweet from March 2019 saying Barnes and Noble is selling alcohol from a credible news source and it never happened." 

It's that easy for the timeline of reality to get twisted in the digital world and have it spill into the physical world. We've seen people delete posts, use photoshop to alter images, and with new technology like Augmented and Virtual Reality, shit is gonna get even more weird and the physical world, as we know it, will come second to the digital world. 

Basically, everyone has the ability to use their digital presence to alter reality in some way.. The stronger the digital presence, the more you're able to distort reality and impose your will upon it. I mean, look at Donald Trump. He showed what you can do with your presence, via social media.. dominated his opposition and won a seat in the White House with no prior political experience. So, I guess we are now living in an alternate reality. 

The Mandela Effect 


(I will speak more about this subject soon thru art. This is just an intro).

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May 4, 2018

Imagine constantly critiquing yourself, your work, your work-ethic, your habits...Imagine a life of constantly reevaluating every single aspect and detail of your life....all the time.. This is how my mind works - no need for sympathy though, just being honest.

I'd consider myself to be a very detail oriented person. Some would say, sort of a perfectionist. But lately, I've been even more self-aware, and I've graduated to a point where I'm allowing myself to be human; allowing myself to make mistakes, and allowing myself to realize that I don't know everything.

I want my next series of work to reflect that change in mindset. Freedom from my own criticisms of myself. Freedom from the inhibitions that prevent me from being the best version of myself and really putting myself out there. Freedom from that voice (not literal) that says things have to be done a certain way.. So, I'm no longer chasing perfection. No longer over-analyzing, over-working, and seeking a false sense of "perfection". Honest expression and transparency are the new frontiers for me because I'm sure others out there can relate.


Everything Was Different

March 27, 2018

Now that my first art show is out of the way, I want to explain the meaning behind "Everything Was Different".

 If you know me, you know I'm sort of a science junky. I've spent countless hours studying quantum physics, astrophysics, and even more abstract ideas such as the 'simulation hypothesis', infinity, and the concept of time. With these ideas, I began developing a concept that revolves around the theories & hypotheses supposed by notable figures in science, such as, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Nick Bostrom. I wanted to create a world of infinite possibilities...a world where everything is...different.. lol

Imagine a world where whites are the oppressed in the modern-day US, and blacks brought over white slaves from Europe to America.. Or let's get even more weird -Imagine living in a different dimension where Earth gleams in the night sky like our own moon and other large celestial bodies pop in and out of existence.. These types of ideas are the current focal point of my work, and I'm going to continue creating different scenarios that echo the idea of a universe with infinite possibilities. Hope you guys continue to enjoy!


It's ALL Good?

November 25, 2017

I've been sitting with this thought for a few days, and I think it's a fitting metaphor, describing how we wear our daily "mask" when we present ourselves to others, especially via social media. I believe there's a severe lack of transparency in our society, and you never really know or understand a person, fully.. I couldn't tell you if it's an, overall, good or bad thing because there are many different perspectives to view this topic from, but hear me out and read this trash poem I'm about to write.

Life is a Rubik's cube...

On one side, every color can be perfect.

Everything seems.... right

But we reside in multiple dimensions,

And that's just one side...

We tend to ignore the fact that everything else is a mess.

We only showin' off the best..

Yes, all the yellow is correct,

But don't be a square, and neglect the rest...

I guess, no one wants their dirt to be exposed,

So we con the world by only uploading the pros...

But there's beauty in the struggle

You truly gotta know,

A seed must be watered before it grows into a rose..

So.... what I'm saying is we're all a work in progress. There's always more than meets the eye, and you never know what any individual is truly going through. Let's all uplift each other because we all know Rubik's cubes are difficult as hell to solve, and life can be just as difficult, as well... (kudos to you if you can solve one though). - LaVance

P.S. Major announcement coming next week.. stay tuned