Commissions are a traditional way of doing a portrait of something, someone or somewhere that is both meaningful and important for the patron. Commissions can be a keepsake for a lifetime and historically are what most artists made a living on. Michelangelo' Sistine chapel was a commission by Pope Julius II. Rembrandt's Nightwatch was a commission. Throughout history most of the great art that we are familiar with has been commissions. Commissions are an amazing way to document one's feelings, faith and spirituality. It's also an indelible way to tell someone you love them for a lifetime. My commissions range from portraits to wedding surprises to personal narratives... And the list goes on and on.

If you are interested in any custom artwork, contact me and include any relevant details. Current going rate for commissions can be broken down with this formula:

$1 per sq. in.  + shipping + framing  

Ex: $1 * (24”x36”) = $864 + shipping + framing (If necessary)

Note: This general rate could change depending on the complexity of the project

Let’s bring your ideas to life! Email me concepts, budget, etc!